It’s official, Indian-made stents as good as the best
After much controversy regarding the quality of stents manufactured in India, yet another study comparing an Indian stent with the foremost foreign stent brand has concluded it is just as good. On Monday, the results of a 10-year study comparing clinical outcomes of the Indian stent Yukon Choice PC with those of the market leader, Xience stents from the American company Abbott, showed that they were equally good. A study presented two months back had also concluded that another Indian stent, Supra Flex was as good as Xience.


At the scientific session of the American Heart Association held in Chicago, cardiologists from Germany presented the results of an extended follow up of 2,603 patients who were randomised to treatment with two new generation stents — everolimus eluting Xience and sirolimus-eluting Yukon Choice — and a first generation sirolimus-eluting Cypher stent. Cypher is not in the market anymore. The study published in the journal of the AHA showed there was no difference in outcomes between the two new generation stents.


In February 2017, the government had capped the price of stents leading to a three-fourths reduction in the prices for drug-eluting stents. Several multinational stent companies had threatened to withdraw their stents from India claiming that they were superior to Indian ones and hence deserved a higher price.

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