I've made today a provisional diagnosis of new medical condi
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
I've made today a provisional diagnosis of new medical condition - Autoimmune Medikilloma

This is an extremely malignant condition, with prominent symptoms being

- Getting beaten up & abused by strangers at work
- Being paid low and questioned about why being paid at all while everyone thinks you are earning a lot
- Being restricted to provide advice to those in need unless you see them in person. Which increases the chance of the first symptom multifold.
- Working in an environment where everyone thinks they are an expert in your domain after a quick internet search or bridge course.

Sudden in onset with chronic debilitating prognosis, often fatal, this condition is most susceptible to practicing healthcare professionals.

Little did I know when I took this noble profession that it would soon turn into a disease itself. Unsure of the cure.

But venting it out through comedy in this video here "Doctor consultations and Bridge Course". Do watch, share if you like, vent out your thoughts, but definitely think about what's going on here.


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True that doc!!!
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