Jabalpur doctor gets patent for anti-suicide fan
RS Sharma, who is posted as a professor in Govt Medical College in Jabalpur, got a patent for an unusual invention which has nothing to do with his profession — a suicide-proof ceiling fan invented. Intellectual Property of India granted patent to Dr Sharma on August 1, 2019, six years after he invented the fan.

“The inspiration came from a real-life experience when a teenaged boy in his neighbourhood committed suicide after failing the Class 12 examination. His inconsolable father kept cursing the day he replaced the table fan with a ceiling fan in his room.”

The device has a hollow metal tube inside the fan's shaft to which the motor and blades are attached. Hinged to the shaft are four heavy springs designed to take an additional weight of 25 kg besides the motor and the blades. The moment the weight limit exceeds, the springs uncoils, leading to a soft landing of the person without stretching of the neck or straining the noose, explained Sharma.

Dr R S Sharma has also attached a siren which starts blaring on shaft displacement. This will alert the persons present nearby. “I am also making an upgrade in the device and now apart from a soft landing and siren going off, the device will also send alerts on the mobile phones of the concerning people and authorities with this upgrade,” Sharma said. “It would hardly cost Rs 500, that too will come down if commercially produced on a large scale. My intention was not monetary benefit, but the government should take steps and make it mandatory for fan manufacturers like the pressure release valve is mandatory in pressure cookers. This little device could be a breakthrough in suicide prevention,” he said.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bhopal/jabalpur-doc-gets-patent-for-anti-suicide-fan/articleshow/70527520.cms
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Good work
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Highly innovative and laudable achievement. Congratulations. All innovative research must be applauded and encouraged. Obtaining patent is always in the interest of every beneficiary, else it can go into wrong hands and exploitation begins. Salute to Dr. Sharma.
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