Jaslok Hospital performs world's first SCA-12 surgery
Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre has performed world's 1st surgery for tremors on a patient suffering from SCA-12.

Dr Paresh Doshi, Director Neuro Surgery, who led the team of surgeons has said the surgery was performed on a 57-year-old-female patient hailing from Kharghar area of Navi Mumbai.

The symptoms of SCA-12 start with a mild tremor of the hands and gradually affect any sort of movement (including walking). Eventually, it leads to significant loss of limb co-ordination, eye movement co-ordination and even results in slurred speech.

SCA is a hereditary, progressive, degenerative, and often fatal ailment. The disease is usually caused by recessive or a dominant gene. In many cases people are not even aware that they carry a relevant gene until they have children who start showing signs of having the same. SCA-12 mainly affects the Agarwal community in India.

Reference - http://news.webindia123.com/news/Articles/India/20161124/2998584.html
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