Jeevandan: Organ Transplantation Health Scheme in Telangana
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As of now 1068 kidneys, 634 Liver, 94 Hearts, 25 Lungs, 9
Pancreas and 593 eyes have so far been transplanted as part of the Jeevandan scheme launched by the Telangana state government, making it the largest number of organ donations in the state. This gave a new life to a total of 1,662 persons out of the 3,563 patients registered for organ transplants in the state.

While the number of eye tissue donations in Telangana state is the highest in the country, under the Jeevandan scheme only 593 cornea donations are registered. The data of organ donations under the Jeevandan scheme are collected only from the 28 hospitals empanelled with them.

Dr G. Swarnalatha, chief of Jeevandan, says, “The success in kidney transplant is because of the co-operation from the government and private hospitals. We are now looking at networking with other states so that if an organ is not required in Telangana, but is required in other states of South India, we can send it there. There is a central pool data created for organs which will help within states in South India and also the rest of the country.

In 2018, there were 160 donations under the Jeevandan scheme, the highest since the inception of the programme in 2013, when there were only 41 donations. In 2019, there have been 73 donations until June.

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It is truly heartening to see such a huge success of Govt and Pvt Hospitals collaboration. We indeed may have a very long way to go,but we have started in the right direction indeed. Hopefully,more success will be seen in the other states as well.
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