Jejunal Windsock Deformity: A Rare Cause of Incomplete Neona
Incomplete intestinal obstruction due to windsock web of the jejunum is uncommonly noticed in neonates. We present a male neonate, prenatally suspected case of proximal bowel obstruction, who was found to have features of incomplete intestinal obstruction due to windsock deformity in jejunum. The difficulty in the diagnosis and management is discussed along with relevant literature review.

A preterm male child, prenatally suspected as a case of proximal bowel atresia on antenatal scan, delivered by caesarian section at 34 week of gestation weighting 2100 gm was referred to our department. The patient passed meconium on day one. Local examination showed fullness in upper abdomen which decreased after nasogastric drainage. Plain X-ray of abdomen showed dilated stomach shadow with decent amount of gas in distal bowel. Ultrasound of abdomen showed bilateral hydroureteronephrosis, distended urinary bladder without dilatation of posterior urethra and mildly dilated stomach. In view of bilious aspirate and prenatal ultrasound finding, upper gastrointestinal contrast study was performed to assess the level of obstruction.....