Johnson & Johnson Vaccinations Paused After Rare Clotting Ca
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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Food and Drug Administration are recommending that the United States pause the use of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine over six reported US cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot. One person is currently in critical condition and another, a 45-year-old Virginia woman, died.

All six cases occurred among women between the ages of 18 and 48, and symptoms occurred 6 to 13 days after vaccination, according to a joint statement on April 13 from Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC and Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

~ 'It's a very rare event'

In a statement, J & J said it has decided to proactively delay the rollout of its vaccine in Europe. Johnson & Johnson said it will pause vaccinations in all of its Covid-19 vaccine clinical trials while they update guidance for investigators and participants. For people who have received the shot, those who have developed severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath within three weeks after vaccination should contact their health care provider.

The statement also noted that these adverse events appear to be extremely rare. Overall, there appears to be similarities between the rare blood clotting events possibly associated with Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine and the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine. "We don't have a definitive cause, but the probable cause that we believe may be involved here, that we can speculate, is a similar mechanism that may be going on with the other adenoviral vector vaccine," Marks said.

That is that this is an immune response that occurs very, very rarely after some people receive the vaccine and that immune response leads to activation of the platelets and these extremely rare blood clots.

~ Federal health channels to stop using J&J vaccine immediately

The new announcement from the FDA and CDC means all federal health channels mass vaccination sites, community health centers and the like that were previously administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will immediately stop for the time being, according to a federal health official.

The agencies made the recommendation to pause the use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine quickly -- even without giving states a heads up -- because of concern that rare blood clot incidents might be treated inappropriately. "The issue here with these types of blood clots is that if one administers the standard treatment that we as doctors have learned to give for blood clots, one can cause tremendous harm," Marks said.

The rare type of blood clots observed in association with the vaccine require unique treatment. For instance, the anticoagulant drug heparin should not be used to treat these types of blood clots, Marks said, adding that health care providers had to be made aware of the pause immediately in case they see patients with possible blood clot symptoms.

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This clotting phenomenon after adeno virus vaccine is termed VIPIT (Vaccine Inducted Prothromotic Immune Thrombocytopenia). It is seen on similar lines of what is observed after heparin in some patients leading to HIT (Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia). Heparin is Antithrombotic, so used to prevent intravascular clotting, but in HIT, it paradoxically works as prothrombotic because of development of antibodies against platelets. That is the very reason and logic of not using heparin in VIPIT. Newer Oral Anticoagulant (NOAC) like Rivaroxaban, Apixaban or Dabigatran or Warfarin (less preferred) can be used. We will learn more about this new complication when the detailed analysis of such cases are completed.... Read more
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