June 16th Tuesday 7.30pm. IRIA Kochi/Krest Kochi presents
June 16th Tuesday 7.30pm.
IRIA Kochi/Krest Kochi presents
KREST SYNERGY Webinar Series

Introducing Multimodality Fetal Radiology & Imaging
_Harnessing the strength and potential of MRI for Fetal Imaging_

Understand the Basics of Fetal MRI and explore the possibilities
Bridging Perspectives of Fetal Ultrasound and Fetal MRI-Neonatal /Pediatric MRI for a clinical care continuum...

Making light of the grey areas in diagnostic and clinical care

Fetal Neurosonography: Imaging of Anterior & Posterior Complex.: Dr.Neelam Jain, Jamshedpur

Fetal MRI: Indications,Patient preparations, Acquisition protocols & Safety.: Dr.Nitin Ghonge, Appollo, New Delhi

An Introduction to MRI of Pediatric Hindbrain. Perspectives of Pediatric Neuroradiologist :Dr.Bejoy Thomas, Professor, Srichithra Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum,Kerala.

Dr.Shrinivas B.Desai, Director &HOD;, Dept.of CT,MRI & Interventional Radiology, Jaslok Hospital,Mumbai will give the inaugural address for the KREST Synergy session on Fetal MRI.

_Moderators &Host;:_
Dr.Rijo Mathew , Secretary,IRIA,Kerala,
Chairman, Samrakshan Committee, National IRIA.
Dr.Bavaharan.R .
National Academic Lead, Samrakshan.