Just Half A Beer Can Hamper Your Hand-Eye Coordination: NASA
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New NASA-led research has warned that hand-eye coordination in driving and other activities is compromised after consuming the equivalent of less than a half of beer, for a person around 75 kg in weight.

The study from the research team based at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California found for the first time that hand-eye coordination is dramatically more sensitive to alcohol with some measures of coordination impaired by more than 20 per cent at blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) levels as low as 0.015 per cent.

They measured volunteers’ eye movements, pupil responses, and BAC, multiple times during a day while they performed a specially designed task, before and after they drank alcohol.

At random, the volunteers were assigned a mixed drink containing a certain quantity of alcohol achieving either the higher or lower peak BAC levels so that they were not aware of exactly how much they drank on a given day.

The team then computed 21 different ocular measures that have been shown to assess neural processing in specific brain areas that contribute to different components of the eye-movement and pupillary responses.

The researchers made sure that participants had a full night’s sleep the night before, and asked that they abstain from both alcohol and caffeine consumption for several nights in a row prior to testing. This study further demonstrated how an especially designed collection of non-invasive eye measurements can be used to measure mild deficits of processing in the brain.

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