Just yesterday I came across a new scientific terminology: c
Just yesterday I came across a new scientific terminology: coarse-grain. The terminology means to leave behind details that make the data complex and take only the steady features in account. For scientists in the computational molecular biology field coarse-graining helps in carrying out a lot of simulations for extended time period. This is a terminology that tells about the scale. If we'd, in Pathology, decided to use a reporting system in the vein of a synoptic report, we would be much better off demarcating scales at which observations are made. The various scales that I propose are as follows: 1) Molecular: 2) Cellular: 3) Micro: 4) Coarse-grain: 5) Macro: 6) Gross: The various patterns viz. sheets, nests, islands, trabeculae, papillae, storiform, herringbone, etc belong to coarse-grain scale, somewhere between microscale (lining epithelium) and macroscale (excrescences). The new proposed reporting pattern should remove the verbosity from the traditional Pathology reports and offer a comprehensive and succinct list of attributes and response elements to form the report that should make the job of reporting more effective and efficient.