Kala-Azar is a Neglected Tropical Disease
Visceral Leishmaniasis or Kala-azar is prevalent in many countries worldwide. The disease is one of the neglected tropical diseases (NTD). The symptoms and signs of the disease include prolonged fever, loss of weight, anaemia, and liver and spleen enlargements. In the Indian Sub-continent, India, Bangladesh and Nepal are highly endemic for Kala-azar. It was also recently reported from Bhutan. Majority of patients who are not treated with effective drug die. Stibogluconate was the sheet anchor of effective drug for the treatment of Kala-azar. Currently, the drug is ineffective due development of drug resistance and the patient may also die due to its cardio-toxicity. The first oral drug (Miltefosine) for the treatment of Visceral Leishmaniasis has been developed in India in collaboration with Zentaris in Germany (Figure 1). This drug is highly effective in the treatment of VL.....