*Karkinos* Literally meaning crab or something that sticks l
Literally meaning crab or something that sticks like a crab(cancer).

Greetings people..
As we all know tomorrow is 4th February, World Cancer Day, and we as medical students have a duty towards the awareness and prevention of cancer in people.
So we as a part of the IMA-MSN should join hands in an online cancer prevention and its awareness campaign.

To participate,
Its really simple,
Write slogans / how to prevent cancer in phrases on either your hand or on a piece of paper.
Click a photo of yourself with that slogan and send it in tomorrow at : imamsnkarkinos@gmail.com

These are a few slogans and images, if you find it difficult to find some.. ????

We will be using the photos to create awareness on our official social media platform.
Participants will be getting a certificate for participation.

Event will be partnered by
(All India Medical Student Association)
*PlexusMD*(Connecting Doctors worldwide)

So spark up those neurons,
Induce a few ideas and get a combined certificate from three associations.

For any related queries, you can always msg to

Anmol Patel
Event Coordinator, Karkinos
IMA-MSN, Gujarat.

Faizan Master
Joint State Convener,
IMA-MSN, Gujarat.

Shravan Dave
West Region, IMA HQs, Delhi
*National General Secretary*
All India Medical Students' Association (AIMSA)
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