Kenya joins Malawi and Ghana to roll out the world’s first m
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Kenya on Friday began adding a malaria vaccine to its routine immunization schedule for babies and toddlers, becoming the third African country to roll out the vaccine for a disease that threatens children across the continent.

Malaria, which kills one child globally every two minutes, is the top killer of children under five in the east African country. The vaccine - the world’s first against malaria - will be administered to children under two and could be crucial to efforts to combat the disease, health officials said.

Other measures, such as nets to protect people from the mosquitoes that carry the malaria parasite, have not proven adequate to halt transmission, the director general of Kenya’s health ministry, Wekesa Masasabi, told Reuters.

“We still have an incidence of 27% (malaria infection) for children under five,” Masasabi said before Friday’s launch of the vaccine in the western county of Homa Bay.

The Homa Bay programme is the government’s first step toward creating awareness of the new vaccine, he said.

The injectable vaccine, called RTS,S or Mosquirix, was developed by British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline to protect children from the most deadly form of malaria in Africa.

In clinical trials it proved only partially effective and it needs to be given in a four-dose schedule, but it is the first regulator-approved vaccine against the disease.

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It would be much more informative, if the types of malaria that the vaccine covers & tackles, could be stated/mentioned in this article. Is it effective against all types or against specific types, is 1 question, and whether the efficacy is very high or incomplete like the BCG vaccine for TB, is the 2nd question.
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