Kerala Hits 2 Lakh Weekly Cases, India Covid Toll At 23-week
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Cases of Covid-19 in India during the week ending Sunday remained largely unchanged from the previous seven days’ tally even as infections in Kerala hit a 16-week high of over 2 lakh. At the same time, India reported its lowest weekly death toll from the virus in 23 weeks since March 22-28. There were 2,533 fatalities from the coronavirus during the week, the first time since March 29-April 4 that the toll had dropped below 3,000.

Covid cases continued to be relatively high, mainly due to the surge in Kerala. India recorded over 2,89,700 new infections in the week, just 0.7% lower than last week’s tally of 2,91,644. Kerala logged 2,00,430 fresh cases in the week, its highest in 16 weeks since May 10-16 and 69% of the national total. The last time any Indian state had recorded over 2 lakh cases was 14 weeks ago when Tamil Nadu logged 2.26 lakh in May 24-30.

However, amid signs that massive Covid wave in Kerala may have peaked, the state registered a 3.8% surge in weekly cases as compared with a 56% spike last week. Meanwhile, deaths from the virus in India fell by a massive 26% this week as the toll in Maharashtra and Odisha dropped substantially.

On Sunday, the country reported 219 fatalities, the first time that the daily toll had dropped below 300 since March 29. This was the lowest single-day Covid toll in 167 days since March 22. The daily case count fell below 40,000 to 39,571, with Kerala reporting 26,701 fresh infections.