Ketone Supplements Can Improve Brain Health In Obese : Study
A new research has shown that ketone supplements may be a novel therapeutic strategy for protecting and improving brain health in people with obesity. Adults with obesity volunteered for the study and they were asked to consume either a ketone supplement or a taste-matched placebo supplement three times per day, 15 minutes before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The participants were randomly assigned to take the supplement or the placebo for the first 14-day period, and they were then switched to the other condition for another 14-day period. This allowed researchers to compare responses to the supplement versus a placebo in the same participants. They measured cognitive function using validated tests via an application on an iPad, and measured brain blood flow using duplex ultrasound of the extra-cranial (neck) arteries.They also took blood samples to measure hormones that are like fertiliser for the brain, helping neurons grow and improving cognitive functions.They found that giving a ketone supplement three times a day for 14 days enhanced blood flow to the brain and improved aspects of cognitive function, like working memory and processing speed, in adults with obesity. Researchers say that once validated with a larger group of people, we expect that these supplements can be used to protect and improve brain health in people with obesity.

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