Lancet and NEJM retracts HCQ studies after questions emerge
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Two influential medical journals retracted separate coronavirus studies over concerns about the data used in both studies -- data that came from the same international registry.

The authors of the studies, one published in The Lancet and another in The New England Journal of Medicine, requested the studies be retracted because independent auditors weren't able to access all the information needed to verify the data.

• Both studies used data from the data analytics company Surgisphere Corporation.

• The retracted Lancet study, published on May 22, found Covid-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine were more likely to die or suffer dangerous side effects.

• The second retracted study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, had found that certain heart disease drugs, including ACE inhibitors, didn't worsen the risk of death for coronavirus patients.

• Several countries and the World Health Organization paused ongoing studies looking at the efficacy of the drugs based on The Lancet study, although the WHO resumed its study on June 3.

• "We apologize to the editors and to readers of the Journal for the difficulties that this has caused," the authors wrote in the retraction.

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This is a matter of grave concern. I have already raised a read flag over the origin of these studies in China,where validity of data and methods have already been questioned. It is indeed a matter of relief to see the I and the ICMR along with several other independent authorities have been proven right. However,it must be inquired in depth as to what has prompted such extremely peer reviewed journals to commit such unapologisable blunders in a time where such torchbearers are looked towards for guidance and hope. We must rule out any external pressure and foreign hostile power involvement into the smooth functioning of these journals.... Read more
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