Lancet continues to maintain a critical eye on India’s healt
The Lancet — in an analysis of India’s annual budget — has questioned why healthcare for all citizens is not a priority for the state and the central governments. In an article titled ‘Accounting for the future of health in India’, the journal said that different government agencies in the country need to collaborate to deal with challenges in its healthcare system.

Globally, everyone is of the opinion that India’s public spending on healthcare should increase. What India needs is a unique, suitable model that can offer cost-effective solutions. It also said that between 2005 and 2013, India had spent the entire fund allocated to health only once.

It had also pointed out how “India vastly underperforms in terms of quality clinical research. Only 1-5 per cent of global clinical trials are done in India; and between 2005–14, fewer than half the medical colleges in the country published a single research article.”