Laparoscopic surgery of a presacral epidermoid cyst: a case
The best approach for resecting epidermoid cysts is still controversial. International Journal of Surgery case reports describes a case of an epidermoid cyst in which laparoscopic resection was performed successfully.

63 × 55- mm well-defined cystic mass was incidentally detected by computed tomography in the presacral cavity of a 50-year-old woman during evaluation for upper abdominal pain. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a cystic tumor with a low signal intensity on T1-weighted images and, high signal on T2-weighted images in the left dorsal side of the rectum. This tumor was diagnosed as a developmental cyst, and laparoscopic resection was performed. Resection of the tumor was performed with negative margins. This tumor was histopathologically diagnosed as an epidermoid cyst. There was no evidence of malignancy, and no postoperative event or signs of recurrence occurred 6 months postoperatively.

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