Laparoscopy Assisted Open Repair of Bilateral Abdominoscrota
Herein we report a case of 8 months old baby presenting with bilateral abdominoscrotal hydrocele without any intra-peritoneal connections treated with laparoscopy assisted open approach. The case has been reported with due consent of parents.2.

Case Report
A 8 months old boy brought with complaints of bilateral scrotal hydrocele noticed since 5 months gradually increasing in size. On per abdominal examination large lump was palpable on left side with both side large scrotal hydrocele present. Ultrasonography of abdomen showed huge cystic swelling on left side of lower abdomen, suspecting retroperitoneal, compressing urinary bladder, communicating with scrotal hydrocele thro- ugh deep inguinal ring but no intra-peritoneal communication. On right side small cystic swelling noted along the cord structures retroperitoneal along with scrotal hydrocele. Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI) confirmed the ultrasonography findings with left testis displaced inside intra-abdominal part of cystic swelling and right side testis into the scrotal sac (Figure 1). Surgical repair was scheduled after complete haematological work up of the patient. Under general anaesthesia, with lax abdomen “Springing back ball sign” on left side abdomino-scrotal swelling demonstrated (Figure 2 )....