Largescale brain epigenetics study provides new insights int
The largest study of its kind has unveiled new insights into how genes are regulated in dementia, including discovering 84 new genes linked to the disease.

Epigenome-wide association studies of Alzheimer’s disease have highlighted neuropathology-associated DNA methylation differences. Here, researchers combine data from six DNA methylomic studies of Alzheimer’s disease (N=1453 unique individuals) to identify differential methylation associated with the Braak stage in different brain regions and across the cortex.

They identify 236 CpGs in the prefrontal cortex, 95 CpGs in the temporal gyrus, and ten CpGs in the entorhinal cortex at Bonferroni significance, with none in the cerebellum.

The cross-cortex meta-analysis (N=1408 donors) identifies 220 CpGs associated with neuropathology, annotated to 121 genes, of which 84 genes have not been previously reported at this significance threshold.

Researchers have replicated their findings using two further DNA methylomic datasets consisting of a further >600 unique donors.

Nature Communications