#Legally Speaking: Faulty Machine Aids Medical Negligence
#Legally Speaking: Faulty Machine Aids Medical Negligence
The MRI Machine Case:

• A Patient was sucked inside the MRI machine and was found dead.
• He was pulled out of the MRI with the help of an oxygen cylinder.
• This was termed as a negligent act by the doctors and the staff of the hospital due to the use of a faulty machine.
• Bombay high court passed an order granting an interim concession of Rs 10 lakh to his family.

Here are a few reasons why medical negligence arises due to faulty machines: Outdated methods, Lack of knowledge, Human errors, Lack of regular maintenance check of equipment, and Lack of monitoring of the machines regularly.

Avoiding medical negligence due to faulty machines:

• Spreading awareness: Awareness should be spread regarding the latest technology and new machines that have come into the heath industry.

• Equipment cleaning: The health care hospital must make written policies and layout a procedure on how a machine must be cleaned and disinfected after every use.

• Multiple checks: The types of equipment that are used or going to be used in the future must be checked regularly. Also, multiple check tests should be conducted, and the record of the same should be maintained.

• Training: Technical training can be given to the medical staff on how a machine should be used. This can reduce human errors amounting to medical negligence.

• Updated method: Medical practitioners are expected to be updated on the new techniques for treating diseases and also the latest technology with regards to machines.

Source: https://legatoapp.com/blog-in-detail.php?bp_id=226
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Interesting,but humorous. Most of the times,MRI machines are operated by inexperienced busy residents whose only asistance are the uninterested Radio technicians. To expect of them to do anything about the machines even if they are outdated,is nothing short of hilarious.
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