#LegallySpeaking: A Case Of Patient Taking Discharge Against
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• Background:

~ The Complainant's son was admitted to Hospital 1 as he was suffering from advanced liver cirrhosis.

• Complainant's allegation:

~ First room where the patient was kept was unhygienic and dirty.

~ During hospital stay, the patient experienced a lot of irregularities in the treatment. No improvement in the health condition.

~ Doctor made some unpleasant remarks and advised for a liver transplant.

~ Complainant being dissatisfied by the services of hospital 1, he shifted the patient to Hospital 2 by Air Ambulance. Unfortunately, the patient died to stomach infection.

~ Doctor from Hospital 2 told that stomach infection was either due to infected water or highly infected previous hospital condition. Further, hospital-1 refused to issue medical record.

~ Therefore, the complainant filed a complaint before the State Commission and prayed for compensation of Rs.99,99,999/-.

• The State Commission held:

~ Patient was given adequate treatment for infection and his liver and kidney problem. Also, recommended adequate treatment even when patient took discharge against medical advice from hospital-1.

~ Cause of death as per certificate is encephalopathy (brain swelling) due to cirrhosis of liver with Hepatitis B infection. There is no mention of role of stomach infection or unhygienic condition in room.

~ Also, there is nothing on record to prove that doctor from hospital-1 made a very unpleasant remark and advised liver transplant.

~ There were no lapses or shortcomings in the treatment given by doctors and hence rejected the claim of Rs.99,99,999/-

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