#LegallySpeaking: Case Of Death Of A Patient Due To Cardiac
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• Tip:

~ Human body is like a highly complex machine, doctors cannot assure the full recovery of a patient.

• Background of the case:

~ The patient was taken to the hospital with complaints of vomiting; he was examined and was kept in casualty for three hours.

~ He complained about breathlessness so the family requested for Oxygen mask.

~ The doctor gave one injection to the patient upon which he immediately developed convulsions and cramps and he became unconscious.

~ The patient was shifted to ICU, unfortunately, the patient died.

• Complainant's allegation:

~ The patient and his wife requested for Oxygen mask but the doctors did not pay attention, she alleged.

~ One assisting doctor informed that due to 70% of blockage of arteries of the heart, the patient became unconscious.

~ The Complainant repeatedly requested the hospital staff to call the Cardiologist but to no avail.

~ The precious time was wasted in casualty for non-administration of initial injection, non-supply of the oxygen mask, and not shifting the patient to the ICU.

• Doctor's Defense:

~ The patient and his wife at the time of admission suppressed that the deceased was suffering from diabetes for the last 20 years.

~ He was brought to the hospital with complaints of severe back pain and vomiting and proper medications were administered for nausea and vomiting.

~ He developed severe breathlessness followed by respiratory arrest, Code Blue was announced and immediately, CPR was started with Ambuventilation.

~ The Cardiologist took control of the situation and the patient regained rhythm and the second ECG was taken which showed the patient had suffered a massive heart attack.

~ The entire cardiology and critical care team treated the patient but the patient could not be revived and passed away.

• The Commission held that:

~ The court refused to accept that the patient was not admitted to ICU or that Oxygen was not given till the arrival of the Cardiologist.

~ The doctors made all efforts to resuscitate the patient from the cardiac arrest but could not revive the patient.

~ The commission stated that the doctors performed their duty with a reasonable standard of care and dismissed the complaint.

National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission
New Delhi
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