#LegallySpeaking: Case of Death of a Covid-19 Patient
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• Tip:

~ The Doctors like the rest of us, have to learn by experience, and experience often teaches in a hard way.

• Background of the case:

~ The case concerned a 69-years-old patient who was admitted to a private hospital with an infection of Jaundice and no symptoms of Covid-19.

~ As she tested positive for Covid-19, she was put in a Covid ward and the treating doctor administered Remdesivir injection to the patient in the course of the treatment.

~ Her health worsened and subsequently, the admission of Remdesivir injection was stopped. Although the patient tested negative later on, she died due to post-covid complications.

• Complainant's allegation:

~ The complainant alleged that his mother died due to wrong treatment of administering Remdesivir injection and the hospital didn't comply with the covid protocol norms in handling the dead body.

• The Commission held that:

~ The pandemic have returned after 100 years, no medicine is invented, the doctors to the best of their ability and understanding have administered different injection to the Covid-19 infected patients.

~ This condition worsened and aggravated as any amount of effort by the medical would not be made satisfactory for the pressure of population and patient especially during covid pandemic.

~ The High Court denied admitting a petition alleging medical negligence against a treating doctor for administering remdesivir.

High Court of Chhattisgarh at Bilaspur
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