#LegallySpeaking: Medico-legal Autopsy/ Postmortem in India
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With an increase in the litigation of medical negligence and malpractices, a forensic expert has an opportunity to execute an important role in the medical field.

In case of death due to medical negligence, the examination of postmortem is must for taking any action against the negligent doctor. The aim is to rule out any foul in case of the unnatural or suspicious death of the person.

Postmortem reports should contain the concise and relevant points raised during an interrogation of the particular case.
Postmortem is a severe exercise and has serious medical, social and legal repercussions.

The below slideshow discusses the purpose, rules and contents of postmortem report & its associated ethical issues.

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To the doctors doing the postmortem examinations in such cases wherein there is some allegation of negligence : brothers, you are almost always sincere; but, after your postmortem examination, pl ignore matters which are not CULPABLE (ie blameworthy). If the negligence made an impact in causing the death, only then it is culpable. Every fact which appears to be some negligence is not culpable, though it may amount to some negligence; it is important to state in your report that the negligence did not make an impact in causing the death, if it is actually so. Pl don' t state the negligence without commenting on its impact. Part truth is not truth. With this approach which I have stated herein, we will save many of our fraternal brothers & sisters from litigation and from getting prosecuted.... Read more
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