#LegallySpeaking: Medicolegal Aspects of Suicide by Hanging
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Death by hanging is one of the most common modes of suicide and reported in all parts of the world. Though homicidal hangings are rare, the medicolegal aspects encompassing cases of hanging should be critically investigated.

In this regard, the present article aims to provide broader insights into the medicolegal aspects of cases of hanging based on a particular case study.


The case pertains to the death of a 19-year-old female was a secondary school certificate examinee and took part in this particular examination five times, but was unable to succeed. On the day of the incident, her brother-in-law claimed to tease her regarding failure in the examination. On the next day, the deceased was discovered hanging from the ceiling fan.

Based on the findings from post-mortem examinations, there were no signs of foul play or homicide in this case. The case was concluded as a case of suicide by hanging.


Patients with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or mania are examples of chronic emotional instability. Every patient coming under these purviews should seek constant medical and family support, along with rehabilitation and treatment.

Below slideshow answers the following:

~ How to assess the cause of death?
~ How is foul play detected in cases of hanging?
~ What are the medicolegal duties of a doctor?

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