#LegallySpeaking: Types of Injuries and their Medico-Legal a
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An injury is defined as the termination of the natural continuity of any of the tissues of the living body. According to Section 44 of the Indian Penal Code, injury is defined as any harm caused illegally to a person i.e. to his body, mind, reputation or property.

There are different classifications given for injuries:

1. Incised injuries are made by sharp-edged weapons and have clear cut separation of tissues.

2. Abrasion injuries are blunt force injuries and results in the destruction of superficial layers of epidermis.

3. Lacerations are tearing or splitting of skin, mucous membrane or internal organs caused by blunt force on the body tissue or skin.

4. Stab wounds are mechanical injuries where the depth is the greatest dimension when compared to the length and breadth.

5. Burn injuries are those that are produced on the body by the application of dry heat like flame, fire or radiation.

6. A contusion is an effusion of the blood into the tissue due to the rupture of vessels, especially capillaries.

7. Firearm wounds include both the entrance and exit wounds. The wounds vary in shape and size depending on the range of shooting, velocity of projectile and target site.

Refer below slideshow for medico-legal importance/aspects of above injuries.

Source: https://legaldesire.com/types-of-injuries-and-their-medico-legal-aspects/
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