Leiomyoma of trachea: An anaesthetic challenge
The present case published in the Indian Journal of Anesthesiology describes the anaesthetic management for successful removal of an intratracheal tumour in a young female using rigid bronchoscopy.

A 23-year-old, 54 kg and 153 cm height girl presented for resection of a primary tracheal tumour. She reported a history of dry cough for 2 years with progressive dyspnoea, hoarseness of voice and wheezing for last 3 months. Patient had received treatment with bronchodilators and steroids and was being managed on the lines of bronchial asthma with no relief. Auscultation of chest revealed bilateral wheeze.

Chest X-ray was normal, computerized tomography of chest and lower neck revealed a soft-tissue mass close to thoracic inlet, attached to left posterior wall in upper trachea causing luminal compromise. Positron emission tomography scan revealed 1.2 cm × 1.1 cm size soft-tissue mass at the level of C7 to D1 projecting into the tracheal lumen. On room air SpO2 was 95.3% while the arterial blood gas analysis showed PaO2 of 86 mmHg, PaCO2 40 mmHg, pH 7.42.

Pre-operative fiberoptic bronchoscopy was not done so as to avoid any airway irritation, which might have led to critical or complete airway obstruction.

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