Leprosy presenting as remitting seronegative symmetrical syn
Leprosy typically manifests with skin and peripheral nerve involvement. Musculoskeletal complaints are the third most common, and can be the sole presenting manifestation. They range from arthralgia/arthritis in reactional states to full mimics of systemic rheumatic diseases. Remitting Seronegative Symmetrical Synovitis with Pitting Oedema syndrome has only been described once in a patient with already diagnosed Leprosy.

A 68-year-old male, from an endemic region of familial amyloid polyneuropathy, presented with an inaugural Remitting Seronegative Symmetrical Synovitis with Pitting Oedema like syndrome, more that 20 years after travelling to Leprosy endemic areas. Arthritis would resurface whenever oral prednisone was tapered, so methotrexate was started, controlling the complaints. Only one year later, after the appearance of peripheral neuropathy and skin lesions, it was possible to diagnose Leprosy, through the identification of Mycobacterium leprae bacilli in a peripheral nerve biopsy.

Source: BMC Infectious Diseases 2019 19:455

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