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A 24-year-old college student committed suicide by jumping off his 19th floor room at a city hotel on Monday evening. Before ending his life, the youth streamed a Facebook Live video, which went viral on social media. He left a suicide note, in which he said he was depressed.

“Let’s Talk!” - WHO’s theme for this year on World Health Day aims to reach out and help people battling with depression. 80% of individuals affected by depression do not receive any treatment, which is why we are collectively reaching out to the Doctor community.

Consistent melancholy, lack of interest in routine activities, sudden social withdrawal, long-term fatigue, drop in self- esteem, insomnia, indecisiveness, eating disorders, frequent mood swings and fits of rage are some of the symptoms of an individual fighting depression. The taboo and the stigma that comes with depression needs to be tackled at the earliest.

As a doctor, if you come across a patient who is visibly facing any of these aforementioned challenges for 14 days or longer, take some time out to sit down with them and say, “Let’s Talk!”

What can you do to help someone in depression?
- Hear them out without being judgmental about their feelings and emotions
- Tell them it is okay to feel this way!
- Advise them to get ample sleep, good food and regular exercise
- Suggest taking up some hobby to distract their mind and facilitate coping
- Counsel them to take a break from social media
- Guide them to make time every day to connect with family and friends

There are a number of helplines across India that renders support to people who are looking for assistance and help. You can also keep these handy and advise your patients to reach out to them in times of need:

iCALL: 022 25521111, Vandravela Foundation: 1860 2662345, Lifeline: 033 24637401, Sneha: 044 24640050, Sumaitri: 011 23389090, Parivarthan: 91 7676602602, Sahai: 080 25497777

And if there’s hesitation to reach out to somebody through a phone call, there are websites: http://www.icliniccare.com, http://www.yourdost.com, http://www.talkspace.com

Depression affects nearly one in 20 people across India. 1 in 4 Indian children between the age of 13-15 suffers from depression. It’s time we discuss it. Let’s Talk!
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