Lipofilling as An Aesthetic Restorative Technique For the Pe
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Parry-Romberg syndrome is a common and devastating disease that leads to severe disfigurement and possible functional impairment after years of progressive hemifacial atrophy. It has a great impact on social life; aesthetic rehabilitation is a difficult task for the rehabilitation of these patients. Lipofilling provides an option for voluminous flaps, improving skin quality and preserving the natural contours of the face. Fat reinjection is a simple, efficient, and reproducible procedure.

The study published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports was performed on 27 patients treated in the aesthetic unity of the maxillo-facial department. Data in terms of age, gender distribution, harvest and injection sites, degree of satisfaction with post-surgical facial, and complications were recorded. Due to its ease of access and availability, the most frequently used donor site was the abdominal wall, followed by the inner side of the knees.

Patients were admitted and treated with lipofilling in conformity with Coleman's guidelines. The volume of fat grafting was assessed by an attempt to reach symmetry with the contralateral side within a single procedure. Eight of the patients have graft hypertrophy as a complication; this overcorrection was done with the expectation that there will be some loss of volume over a period of time. In spite of massage therapy, four patients had skin irregularity. Seven patients felt the need for a second surgery. A second fat transfer after fat reabsorption was performed in 3 patients. There were no major surgical complications, either at the fat harvesting site or at the reconstructed site. Slight edema and ecchymosis were common during the first week postoperatively; no hematomas, infections, vascular or nerve damage was noted.

Conclusively, All patients claimed that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the aesthetic results and affirmed that it had a positive psychological impact on their daily life.

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