Liquid nitrogen drink burns hole in businessman's stomach
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In what should have been a fun night out with friends turned into a visit to the ER for a Gurgaon-based businessman. The 30 year old went to a pub and ordered the pub's latest offering a cocktail with liquid nitrogen that gives off smoke. He gulped the entire drink in an instance without waiting for the smoke to clear off.

He started feeling uneasy and experienced difficulty in breathing and severe pain in his abdomen, By the time, he was rushed to the hospital, he was drowsy and restless. Blood tests revealed Lactic Acidosis and CT Scan showed large free air in the abdomen. Surgery revealed that the stomach was open like a book with dirty fluids in the abdominal cavity. Generally, the perforation is stitched but here it was completely like an open book with unhealthy tissues around it. Hence the operating surgeon removed the lower part of the stomach and performed a gastro jejunotomy.

Liquid Nitrogen has an extraordinary low boiling point -196 degrees Celsius, or -321 degrees Fahrenheit. It is used as a coolant for superconductors, vacuum pumps and also in surgeries to remove warts and precancerous cells. It is so cold that it can lead to serious frostbite or cryogenic burns when it comes in contact with any living tissue. In the food industry, it is often used for frosting and slushing cocktails, alcohol and garnishes, or to create vapour or fog when exposed to air. It must completely evaporate before any drink containing it is consumed.

This seems to be the first such case in Delhi. 5 years ago, a similar case observed in Lancaster, UK when a similar drink exploded the stomach of a 18 year old on her birthday...

Source: TOI
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Just eat what is supposed to be eaten. why introduce these fads in food and drink ?
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