Live Hernia surgery with 360-degree interactive view on July
In 1955 an estimated six to nine million people in the US watched the live broadcast of open heart surgery on a child with a heart malformation. On July 28, 2016, a partnership between GIBLIB, Livit and 360fly will make it possible for medical professionals and the public alike to view a live hernia surgery from just about anywhere in the world, and from a 360-degree interactive point of view.

A single camera made by 360fly will be mounted on a boom just above the patient's feet to provide the best viewing angle of the operation and the surgical team. Anyone watching the surgery will be able to choose the angle they want to see via an app developed by 360fly for iOS and Android devices.

Anyone interested in viewing the live surgery scheduled for 11 am PDT, Thursday, July 28 can register on a dedicated site GIBLIB set up just for this event.

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