Long term Corticosteroids not necessary post Kidney Transpla
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Long term corticosteroids are not necessarily required after kidney transplant, reveals a recent study. According to this study, corticosteroids need not be a necessary part of calcineurin-based multiple drug immunosuppressive regimens in recipients of kidney transplants.

The objective of this study was to compare long-term kidney transplant outcomes of patients randomized to continue or withdraw corticosteroids.

The study included 28 kidney transplant centers in the US, including 386 low– to moderate–immune risk adult recipients of a living or deceased donor kidney transplant without delayed graft function or short-term rejection in the first week after transplant.

Of 385 patients, 191 were assigned to withdraw from corticosteroids, and 194 patients were assigned to continued corticosteroids.
--The adjusted hazard ratios of allograft failure from any cause including death was 0.83 and for allograft failure censored for patient death was 0.78 and did not differ between the patients assigned to withdraw from corticosteroids vs assigned to continued corticosteroids.

--Results were consistent in a per-protocol analysis among 223 patients who continued the trial-assigned treatment of corticosteroid withdrawal or corticosteroids through at least 5 years after transplant.

--The outcomes of trial participants in either treatment group did not differ from similarly treated contemporary registry patients who met trial eligibility criteria and were treated with the same immunosuppressive drugs.

Conclusively, Long-term corticosteroids may not be necessary as part of a calcineurin-based multiple drug immunosuppressive regimen in low– to moderate–immune risk kidney transplant recipients.

Source: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamasurgery/article-abstract/2775940?resultClick=1