Lung transplantation for acute respiratory distress syndrome
Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a rapidly progressive lung disease with a high mortality rate.

Researchers reviewed post-transplant outcomes of ARDS patients from three high-volume European transplant centers. Demographics and clinical data were collected and analyzed.

Viral infection was the main reason for ARDS. All patients were admitted to ICU and required mechanical ventilation, 11/13 were supported with ECMO at the time of listing. They were granted a median LAS of 76 and waited for a median of 3 days.

Postoperatively, the median length of mechanical ventilation was 33 days, the median length of ICU and hospital stay were 39 days and 54 days. Prolongation of peripheral postoperative ECMO has been required in 7/13 patients with a median duration of 2 days. 30-day mortality was 7.7%, 1-year and 5-year survival rates were calculated as 71.6% and 54.2%, respectively.

Given the lack of alternative treatment options, the herein presented results support the concept of offering live-saving LTx to carefully selected ARDS patients.

American Journal of Transplantation