Lung ultrasound for diagnosis of pneumothorax in an infant
Point-of-care ultrasound provides rapid and accurate diagnostic imaging in an acute care setting. While thoracic ultrasonography has proved to be a useful technique for adults in the emergency department and intensive care units, few studies have evaluated this technique in children. In this case, we describe the presence of a pneumothorax, identified by point-of-care ultrasound in a 4-month-old infant in postoperative care after cardiac surgery. The infant presented with mild respiratory distress. A resident physician performed the exam, after recently completing ultrasound training. ...

Case Report:
A 4-month-old infant (weighing 5 kg) diagnosed with endocarditis underwent cardiac surgery for removal of a right atrial vegetative lesion. Following surgery, the patient was transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit. At the time of admission, the patient was receiving supplemental oxygen by nasal catheter. Mediastinal drainage was measured. On physical examination, the patient appeared in good general physical condition. The patient was active, and well hydrated with good peripheral perfusion, strong peripheral pulse and healthy skin color.....