MATCH Day is here!
MATCH Day is here!
MATCH Day is finally here! Over a hundred doctors will be interacting with India's top 10 recruiters at Fairfield by Marriott, Bengaluru.

As we reach the last leg of this memorable and thrilling journey, we have a lot to be happy about. We brought 500 opportunities across India’s top 10 groups, received a total of 1800+ applications from doctors and have a 150+ interviews scheduled today. And with 300+ interviews to be scheduled in the coming weeks, we hope that eventually a large majority of MATCH applicants do find their right match.

We have invited shortlisted MATCH applicants from in and around Bangalore for the interactions today. If you are a MATCH applicant who didn't receive our invite, we'll be reaching out to you soon.

MATCH 2016 would certainly not have been possible without you. Thank you for your trust and belief. You trusted us with your private information. You took our word when we promised you an opportunity. And you trusted us to pull this one off and deliver. We hope we have, and if we goofed up somewhere please let us know at We really mean it when we say we value your feedback :)
We’ll come back with a better bigger MATCH very soon! Till then, keep using PlexusMD to stay updated, discover events and build professional relationships.

Game, Set, MATCH!
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