MBBS Doctor From Abroad Passes MCI Test, But Birth Date Is a
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A young medical graduate who did his MBBS abroad and passed the MCI exam that makes his degree valid here, but he still can’t start medical practice owing to a certain discrepancy – the date of birth on his degree certificate and the school certificate differ. The 24-year-old doctor has now knocked on the doors of Gujarat High Court for relief.

After the primary hearing, the HC has issued notices to Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board and others in the matter. Surat resident did MBBS in the Philippines and returned to India to practice. He passed the requisite examination conducted by the Medical Council of India. His recognition was, however, put on hold as his date of birth is November 23, 1996, while it shows as of August 23, 1996, in his education-related documents.

He has filed a petition in the HC. The court has issued notices to the medical college where he studied, the District Education Officer of Surat, and the GSHSEB after hearing our petition. “I am sitting at home for the last six months after the recognition from MCI of Gujarat was put on hold. I have not got permission to practice as my result has been withheld even though I passed its exam successfully,” he said.

The discrepancy in the dates occurred during his school days in the early years back home. He said, “I lived with my maternal grandfather in Ahmedabad during my primary schooling. He happened to make a mistake while writing the birth date in the school documents. I came to know of the error only when I came back after studying medicine for 5.5 years in the Philippines and appeared in the exam.”

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