MBBS Interns Seek Increase in Stipend
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The interns of BJ Medical College, affiliated to Ahmedabad Civil hospital claim that they have not been compensated for their constant services during the pandemic demand increased stipend or an honorarium for their hard work and dedication.

The medical interns who are pursuing their fifth year in the MBBS course stated that their monthly stipend is Rs 12,800 which is much less in comparison to other states. The letter submitted to the dean also mentioned that the interns performed their duties sincerely without any chance of complaints.

Interning doctors who are serving in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) run hospitals are being paid rupees 500 per day as honorarium and it is over and above their monthly stipend. They also cited the recent Gujarat Health Department order that stipulated payment of Rs 15,000 monthly stipend for final year MBBS and BDS students who are on clinical rotations.

In addition to that they also highlighted that BMC is paying Rs 39,000 stipend per month for interns working as covid warriors and the Delhi government has assured that the interns should get the benefit and credit for their dedication by working under constant risk of exposure to the infection. The government is also paying an honorarium of Rs 1000 for an 8-hour shift and Rs 2000 for a 12-hour shift per day along with the monthly stipend for interns serving in COVID facilities.

The interns added that they are not expecting a great hike in the stipend rather they are just asking the government to allow them a reasonable and at least comparable incentive or honorarium. They have already submitted the letter to the Dean of the institution, Pankaj Shah on 24th November which was forwarded to the principal secretary of the health department. The Dean's communication was also marked to Deputy Chief Minister and Health Minister Nitin Patel.

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