MBBS Internship Only At Medical College Where Medico Is Stud
Indian Medical Graduates shall complete their entire period of Compulsory Rotating Internship in the institution where they have pursued and completed their MBBS," a fresh document by the National Medical Commission (NMC) has stated Releasing one of the most comprehensive documents on the elements of MBBS internship, the National Medical Commission has recently released the Draft Regulations For Rotational Compulsory Regulations, 2021.

The new guidelines clearly outline the various aspects of MBBS internship ranging its goals, objectives and duration to eligibility, stipend and what shall entail in the training of a medico during the internship adding that The goal of the internship programme is to train medical graduates to fulfill their roles as doctors of first contact in the community.

"Every candidate shall be required to undergo Compulsory Rotating internship to the satisfaction of the College authorities and University concerned after passing the final MBBS examination/ NExT whenever operational, for a period of 12 months so as to be eligible for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) by the respective universities and Permanent Registration in accordance with the Permanent Registration Regulations 2021 of the NMC," the guidelines state.

" The Internship shall be completed within 2 years of passing the Final MBBS / FMGE/NExT Examination whenever in force," it says while also specifying situations where appropriate extension may be given.

" Indian Medical Graduates shall complete their entire period of Compulsory Rotating Internship in the institution where they have pursued and completed their MBBS," the guidelines state adding that Foregin medical graduates who require to complete a period of internship shall do so only in Medical Colleges/ Institutions approved for providing Compulsory Rotating Internship to Indian Medical Graduates. The draft guidelines add that Foreign Medical Graduates may be posted to different Medical Colleges/Institutions through a counselling/ seat allocation process based on the merit or by any other scheme/method as may be notified by the National Medical Commission or any other authority as applicable.

The guidelines specify who is eligible for the MBBS internship and includes pointers for Indian medical graduates as well as foreign medical graduate (FMG).

Speaking in detail about provisional registration for the internship, the NMC has stated that it will be valid only for the period of the CRRI as well as the college where the intern is working. "The intern shall not be permitted for independent practice during the period of Compulsory Rotating Internship," the apex medical regulator has noted.

Regarding stipend, the council has noted that All interns shall be paid stipend as fixed by the appropriate fee fixation authority applicable to the Institution/university/ state.

In a first, the guidelines also spell out directions to institutions and medical colleges who will be implementing the internship program putting an end to the accusations that not much training is imparted at the majority of medical colleges during their internship. Against each departmental training, it specifies the goals as well as activities that an MBBS intern should be able to perform at the end of their training with that department.

Check out the timelines of posting during MBBS internship in the attached file.

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