MCI BOG releases public notice on uniform stipend to MBBS in
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In a step that ensures a wave of satisfaction among medical students in India, the Board of Governors, Medical council of India has released a notification; considering to provide uniform stipend to all MBBS interns at private medical colleges; same as of interns at government medical institutions of respective location/state.

The MCI Board of Governors has recently released public notice seeking to amend the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997 to add the provision of uniform stipend to MBBS students practicing at private colleges. The BOG has sought suggestions/recommendations to bring the amendment in action.

'All the candidates pursuing compulsory rotating internship at the institution from which MBBS course was completed, shall be paid stipend on par with the stipend being paid to the interns of the State Govt. Medical Institution / Central Government Medical Institution in the State / Union Territory where the institution is located,' the notice reads.

The difference in stipend of MBBS interns practising at private medical college to that of government medical institutions has always remained in limelight. The issue has been raised on numerous occasions to MCI and the turn of events seem to be a positive start of the year for interns.

Please express your valuable suggestions in the comment section below.

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M●●a G●●●a
M●●a G●●●a General Medicine
Terna medical college also don' t give stipend...
Feb 21, 2019Like
Dr. A●●●●●i K●●●r
Dr. A●●●●●i K●●●r Internal Medicine
Uniform Traing is also required with discipline,Dedication.
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Dr. S●●●●h K●●●a
Dr. S●●●●h K●●●a Paediatrics
Its not fair that interns in the same state,doing same job should be treated unequally. Iknow many pvt colleges not paying anything in fact but taking the money back thru backdoor. Even electronic transfer is also to be paid back
Feb 27, 2019Like