MCI BOG to introduce DNB exam for foreign PG Medical Graduat
The Medical Council of India - Board of Governors has now decided to let PG doctors of any country get recognised and employed in hospitals and medical colleges, provided they clear the DNB (Diplomate of National Board) exam.

At present, PG degrees of only five English-speaking countries - the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada - are recognised in India, and doctors with post-graduate degrees of countries like China and Russia are not treated on par with their Indian counterparts.

There are two ways for doctors to earn PG degrees in India - either through the PG Board, under the medical education regulator, which awards MD/MS (Doctor in Medicine, Doctor in Science) degrees, or through the NBE, under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which awards DNB.

Even MBBS students who get their degrees from institutes abroad have to clear the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination conducted by the MCI (now MCI-BOG) before they can legally practice as doctors in the country.

The issue was recently taken up by the MCI Board of Governors in their December 2018 meeting, in which the BOG mulled on the idea of equating these degrees to DNB.

"...In view of the foregoing the BoG decided to nominate Dr. Randeep Guleria, Dr. Nikhil Tandon and Dr. S Venkatesh, BoG Members, who are also NBE members, to workout detailed modalities in consultation with NBE leadership for allowing the Indian OCI Doctors who possess foreign PG qualification to take DNB examination without undergoing three years DNB training at NBE accreditated hospital India..."

Read the official Minutes of Meeting released by MCI attached below (Page no 14 and 15).

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Has it been introduced already or under process ?
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Its still a long way to go but in a positive way
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What about Nepalese citizens
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