MCI announces UPRN - Unique Permanent Registration Number fo
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Under the Digital Mission Mode Project (DMMP), MCI has initiated the process of digitalizing the Indian Medical Register by generating a Unique Permanent Registration Number (UPRN) for each of the 10 lakh registered doctors in India.

The existing registration numbers of doctors shall be migrated to a standard system of UPRN. This system will help in:

- Applying online for additional qualification registration like PG and super-specialty
- Online application for services like issuance of certificates


1. Register by visiting MCI website ( and enter basic details including email address. A User Id and password will be sent to the registered email.
(When the PlexusMD team last checked, the site mentioned that the UPRN feature would be available shortly)

2. Use the Id and password to login and enter all requested details and upload latest qualification documents.

3. Pay the fees to MCI using the online or offline mode. Also, choose a date and time to visit the State Medical Council for verification of documents.

4. Post physical verification of documents, the State Medical Council will enter the record in the system.

5. Once recorded, the Aadhar number will be verified, UPRN number will be generated, IMR will be updated with new details and an email notification will go to the doctor, MCI and State Medical Council.
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I have already done full correspondence including 5000 Rs
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Good idea...but the State Medical council' s could be made nimbler and doctor friendly
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It' s an very good idea... I have done full corrrpondence...
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