MCI announces system to track faculty attendance in colleges
Under the Digital Mission Mode Project (DMMP), MCI has announced a new digitization initiative which will track in real time the daily attendance of faculty in 439 medical colleges. The move is aimed at exposing ghost faculties in institutions and making the process transparent.

- A biometric system will be put in place which will help anyone in the college or at the centre (Delhi) monitor the attendance of faculty or the duration of a particular lecture

- Every faculty will be issued a RFID-enabled identity card and the attendance, salary and work status of the faculty shall be submitted to the MCI on a real time basis. This will enable the creation of a national database of all faculty across medical colleges which will be linked with their Aadhar Card and have biometric verification

- 'One Country One Registration’ - All doctors will be issued an electronic Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) registration card by MCI which will enable them to practice anywhere across India

- Applications for setting up new medical colleges will now be online
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Dr. A●●l S●●h
Dr. A●●l S●●h Paediatrics
This is too much!! for few ,whole proffesion is banned. what's there if only physical presense?
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Dr. V●●●d G●●●●m
Dr. V●●●d G●●●●m Orthopaedics
Therefore there are faculties who come on time to punch and go away and come back and punch at evening hours. It should be work based. One finishes surgery in half an hour and other takes six hours. And in eye of MCI. Both are same but that's wrong.
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Dr. V●●●d G●●●●m
Dr. V●●●d G●●●●m Orthopaedics
Efficiency should have its benefits rather then just be in a herd and keep walking because MCI has yet to realise this
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