MCI releases Guidelines for development of skills lab at med
In order to provide a safe environment for students to
learn, practice and observe performing skills in a simulated environment, MCI has come up with new guidelines to set up Skills lab in all medical colleges.

This decision will mitigate the risks involved in direct patient exposure without adequate preparation and supervision.

It has also mentioned about the minimum requirements to set up the skills lab including the UG Curriculum.

"Skills lab that fulfils the need for the implementation of the competency -based UG program must be fully functional prior to December 2019." says the Document

To read the document released by MCI, click on:

Source: MCI Website
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Dr. S●●●●●●a K●●●r B●●●●h
Dr. S●●●●●●a K●●●r B●●●●h Pharmacology
It is right approach.... But govt. Medical College takes long time to purchase the live simulation based skilled lab Mannikin and it' s technology because of highly expensive.....
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Dr. S●●●●●●●●●n N●●●●●●●●●●m
Dr. S●●●●●●●●●n N●●●●●●●●●●m Anaesthesiology
Future is development of skills on the mannequins from second year onwards and practising on humans under competent guidance
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