#MDTalks: Do you remember your first ever patient?
We always remember our first. Attending the patient for the first time could be both a nervous and exciting experience at the same time.

So, do you remember your first-ever patient?

Share your exciting experiences with your peers in the comments below!
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Dr. D●●●●●●●●. N●●●●●●a
Dr. D●●●●●●●●. N●●●●●●a Psychiatry
50 years of practice.difficult to remember 1st patient seen.
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Dr. A●●●n D●●●a
Dr. A●●●n D●●●a Internal Medicine
My first day as an intern...a patient had come from Mumbai to see our hod.. about her hypothyroidism. He had still not come to the opd and I was there ... so she consulted me . i still remember feeling honoured how she consulted me little knowing that it was my first day as a doctor!
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Dr. R●●●●●●●●n S●●i
Dr. R●●●●●●●●n S●●i Radiology
When me was in early 2nd MBBS in SN Medical College,College 1975 my brother at my home town Phalodi suffered with cough with murmer in chest so got done ChestPA in which moderate heart enlarged with few patchy opacities in lung so on consulting HOD of TB&Chest; he labelled it ' Mitral Valvular Lesion giving it' s treatment condition worsening. So by chance me consulted Senior Resident Dr my friend who diagnosed it to be Pericarditis as friction murmur was then .Then HOD diagnosing it as Viral Pericarditis giving Tab.Dispirin even for 10 days brother was more sick..So me consulted another unit head who gave Anti-TB +Cortisone There was good relief but after 20 days there occured Pleural Effusion Rt.chest which drained=SO IN MY OPINION A PG OR SUPER-SPECIALIST CAN' T DIAGNOSE & TREAT WHICH IS OUT OF THEIR OR HIS CONCERN... Read more
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