#MDTalks: What made you realize your love for medicine?
Medicine is a career nothing short of demanding, a job requiring intense schooling, constant training and a chaotic schedule — not to mention a heavy dose of tenacity and patience.

Whether a practitioner works in a hospital, a clinic, a laboratory or in the classroom, the challenges and rewards of this lifelong journey are plentiful.

So, here we ask you to share your personal experiences or influences that led you into this profession?

Share your experiences in the comments below with your peers!
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Dr. P●●●a L●l S●●●●a
Dr. P●●●a L●l S●●●●a Radiology
Medical Profession is Respectful .So I Became A DOCTOR
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Dr. V●●●●s R●●●●●i
Dr. V●●●●s R●●●●●i General Medicine
Exactly, the feeling of happyness when pt. Says says " I Feel Fine is simple exhilarating. The ability to make someone feel better keeps me going on...nd It' s a Devin feeling....😍
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H●●●●●k R●●●●n
H●●●●●k R●●●●n General Medicine
Because this is one of the few fields which would directly change the life of someone for the better.
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