#MDTalks: What would you advice to your student self?
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It remains very tempting to think there is a secret to the perfect physician life that we've overlooked.

Your physician life have unfold before you and become richer each month, each year, each decade. If you reflect on your unique experiences along the way, what advice you have for your student self?

Let's share our insights with peers & this might help our medical student community as well.
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T●●●s S●●●●r
T●●●s S●●●●r General Medicine
Take risks. Do everything and anything you want to. Exploring the unknown terrain will help you grow not only as a person but as a medical student too. You' re only competition is YOU
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Dr. S●●●●j S●●●m
Dr. S●●●●j S●●●m Anaesthesiology
First of all take the decision properly on right time right place , decision about ourselves, treatment, relationship anything. Thats the primary thing. The left is work out your time peacefully
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Dr. S●●●●●a R●●●●●●●●m
Dr. S●●●●●a R●●●●●●●●m Anatomy
With the CBME introduced we got to do faculty development courses. With COVID all got hastened up. Since I was prepared I thought I could handle it. To some extent yeah, managed well. Now training and gearing up for the assessment. Along with the training to handle the call of the pandemic, telemedicine. With the salaries not coming through, the various programmes to train up for the Inevitable, oh boy, it' s been a roller coaster ride. Well bring it on attitude is what it takes now to survive. Silver lining is pursued the hobbies. As a doctor I hope the violence will come down against doctors and common sense prevails. With a dash of patriotism, resist the communists who will palm off those Chinese products. With all the relationships strained and on rocks hope for a better tomorrow positively. This too shall pass, hang on.... Read more
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