MOHFW: Advisory for Human Resource Management of COVID-19
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The containment measures to break the cycle of transmission and clinical management of the COVID-19 pandemic would require large human resources (HR).

Advisory by MOHFW provides guidance to the state on the human resource that can be mobilized for COVID-19 management along with possible role assignments and their training requirements.

#1. Human Resource
The major areas where enhanced deployment of HR is required:

-- Surveillance
Surveillance activities at the grass-root level, Supervisory management of containment operations at the grass-root level, Laboratory testing, Collection, collation and dissemination of data, Risk Communication

-- Clinical management
Clinical management of Suspect/confirmed cases in isolation wards, Critical care management SARI cases in ICUs, Patient transportation and referral, Cleaning, disinfection, and waste management, Management of quarantine, isolation facilities, logistics and supply chain management.

#2. Capacity building
Such identified HR needs to be trained online using online training programs developed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW). These trainings for different target groups shall cover:

-- Field surveillance, contact tracing, data management, and reporting
-- Sampling, packaging and shipment of specimen
-- Hospital infection prevention and control including use of appropriate PPEs and biomedical waste management
-- Clinical case management including ventilator management, critical care management
-- Training of managers on managing quarantine and isolation facilities
-- Community based training in Pyscho –social care

#3. Suggested numbers of HR

-- For surveillance activities: Covid Warriors @ 1 per 250 population may be identified and trained.
-- Quarantine facilities: these are meant to house symptomatic cases. The number identified and trained should be equal to the number of Covid Warriors.
-- Ventilator use: at least two times the number of ICU beds earmarked for covid-19 patients should be imparted one-day training.

Note: Complete Advisory for Human Resource Management of COVID-19 is attached as pdf.

Source: MOHFW