MOHFW: Without lockdown, India's Covid-19 cases would have b
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Stressing the role of lockdown and other containment steps in limiting coronavirus infection, the Union Health Ministry said, here on Saturday, without them Covid-19 cases could have spiraled to 8.2 lakh by April 15.

Without these steps, Covid-19 cases could have registered a 41 percent cumulative increase to 8.2 lakh cases by April 15. With containment measures and no lockdown, it could have gone up to 1.2 lakh till April 15, said Lav Agarwal, Joint Secretary, Health Ministry, citing a statistical model to capture the projected cases.

With 1,035 new cases and 40 deaths in the past 24 hours, the number of confirmed cases in India had reached 7,447, and fatalities 239. 642 people had been cured, Agarwal said. Five lakh antibody testing kits ordered by ICMR have not been received yet, said Health Ministry.

According to the Health Ministry, 100,000 isolation beds and 11,500 ICU beds have been reserved for Covid-19 patients across the country. Also, 587 dedicated Covid-19 hospitals have been earmarked at the central and the state levels.

India deployed a graded response to fight coronavirus outbreak, it added.

"PPEs, ventilators and other critical medical supplies are being ensured by the center to states. The containment action plan, contact tracing, and other planning are being ensured," Agarwal added.

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Its a very tricky situation for a highly populated developing country, lockdown will directly lead to economic slowdown which will make masses exposed to other health problems and opening it will lead to sudden increase of the covid-19 cases needed hospitalisation? self disciplined physical and social distancing by the population is the golden key to mitigate this situation to a large extent.
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